Catching Fire (Hunger Games Trilogy: Book 2)

Catching FireOh my god!  This was such a good book.  I truly mean that, it was a amazing.  You know I was never really interested in picking up the books, mainly because the covers were, well, plain.  But ever since I read the first book, I have to say “never judge a book by it’s cover”.  This was truly an amazing book, I could not put it down, nor did I even want to.  I loved it, I mean I loved everything there was to love about it.  The plot line was driven and captivating, is was as though the very emotions of the characters were jumping off the pages.  Character development continued from book one in a very steady fashion and I loved it.  It was not over dramatic, and the fact that it takes place in a sort of dystopian version of the future makes it realistic.  It feels real and that’s what I loved about this book.  The writing is simply amazing.  I can’t really say that there was anything I disliked, except President Snow, of course, we’re not suppose to like him.  I thoroughly enjoyed this book, loved it and I can’t wait to start reading the third and final book.  5/5 stars and an “A+”.

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