Mel Gibson Up For Role In Robert Rodriguez’s Machete Kills

By: Katey Rich

Mel Gibson Up For Role In Robert Rodriguez's Machete Kills imageWhen she starred in Robert Rodriguez’s Machete, Lindsay Lohan was one of the most troubled and controversial starlets working in Hollywood, to the point that the fact she was acting at all was kind of a novelty. Not much has changed for Lindsay in the years since then, sadly, but as the sequel Machete Kills gears up, Rodriguez may have found an even more polarizing and troubled actor to take a role– and no, I don’t just mean Lohan agreeing to sign on again (she still hasn’t, to my knowledge).

As much as it seems like he ought to just take a breather and stay out of the public eye for a while after the latest anti-Semitic rant, Mel Gibson is apparently ready to take on a role in Machete Kills. According to Deadline Rodriguez had been angling for both Gibson and Michelle Williams to join the film, and while Williams remains up in the air– and I’d put $20 on her never going near this– Gibson is apparently ready, and Rodriguez is apparently unfazed by the guy’s unstable reputation and ready to bring him on set.

It’s fair to say even Rodriguez thinks this is stunt casting– that’s the whole grindhouse aesthetic, after all– but is it a stunt worth doing? Sure Gibson is controversial pretty much no matter what, but he also seems kind of distracting, and maybe even a liability. I still vote for him to take a nap, reconsider his options, and sit out a few rounds before he decides his next step.

Source: Cinema Blend

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