Will Smith Producing Remake Of Spanish Comedy Ghost Graduation

By: Kristy Puchko

Overbrook_Entertainment_30810In the wake of his death in 2009, John Hughes’ movies are proving the spirited inspiration for some dark new offerings. Just last week we showed you the trailer of The Loved Ones, a high-school centered horror movies that’s being described as “Texas Chainsaw Massacre meets Sixteen Candles,” and now there’s news that Will Smith’s production company Overbrook Entertainment is looking to remake the recently released Ghost Graduation, an unconventional comedy out of Spain that’s concept is essentially The Sixth Sense meets The Breakfast Club.

Ghost Graduation centers on a teacher who has the uncanny ability to see and speak to ghosts, which allows him to counsel five dead delinquents who have been reigning shenanigan-styled havoc on the halls of Monforte high school. But how do you solve a problem like teenaged poltergeists? Get them to graduate. Duh.

With clear allusions to American movies (most notably The Breakfast Club, Ghost and Carrie) and a giddily irreverent comedy style, it’s easy to see why an American production company would be interested in remaking Ghost Graduation Stateside. However, it’s a bit surprising that Overbrook has acquired the property as the company’s focus is typically on more earnest, family-friendly fare…or flat-out starring vehicles for the Smith family.

And yet Variety reports there are no plans for Will Smith to front the feature. Still, this seems an eager acquisition as Ghost Graduation only premiered in its native Spain in February. Could it be possible that Smith is planning to bring his Karate Kid-starring son Jaden Smith in to play one of the troubled, dead teens? It seems a strong possibility as much of Jaden’s acting career has relied on Overbrook productions, including the now filming sci-fi feature, After Earth, which co-stars father and son. But for now, Overbrook is steering clear of casting news, and focusing on finding a screenwriter to for their version of Ghost Graduation.

Source: Cinema Blend

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