Dead Space 3 gets co-op – Report

DeadSpace2_20711_screenAccording to a source who spoke to IGN, gamers will be able to buddy up in the upcoming yet unannounced Dead Space 3.  Series hero Isaac Clarke will be able to journey through the game along with another character.  Not much is known about this other character, only that is a man described as “a man with a gnarly scar on his face”.  He will also act as Isaac’s guide through the game.

Dead Space 3’s co-op mode will feature the same story as the single-player campaign but with some differences (obviously).  The example provided by IGN was that after a traumatic event, Isaac may experience hallucinations in single-player. This psychological breakdown does not occur in co-op mode.  Additionally, players will be able to able to interact with the environment together, share ammo, and heal each other.  Wait, what happens if I accidently kill my partner?  That has happened to me enough times in two-player games, I will admit.

Source in contact with IGN also reported that the plasma cutter weapon is being completely overhauled for Dead Space 3.  And for a first, Isaac will be able to crouch as a means to stealthily maneuver through environments.  The game will also be set on a snow planet, focusing on a mysterious facility.

And the enemies in Dead Space 3?  Well players will again fight the nasty necromorphs, but will also take on human enemies for the first time in the series. Lastly, Dead Space 3 is rumored to boast “skyscraper-sized” foes, including a “massive worm-like beast.”  Well, that will be fun.

Source: GameSpot


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