Microsoft pulls option for offline Xbox One update

By: Martin Gaston Microsoft has pulled instructions that previously offered Xbox One owners a way to update their console without connecting to the Internet. The company had previously listed a 20-step guide for downloading the latest Xbox One firmware to a USB stick and then using that to update the console, but the company has now pulled the instructions and the associated files. For the best experience, the Xbox One will require a day one update when it is first switched on. []

Final version of State of Decay hits Steam tomorrow

By: Eddie Makuch The final version of State of Decay for PC will be available tomorrow, November 5, through Steam, developer Undead Labs has announced. State of Decay originally released for PC via Steam in September through Early Access. Those who paid $20 for the Early Access version will receive the final version, for free and with no need to restart, when the game officially launches tomorrow. State of Decay launched in June 2013 for Xbox 360 and has sold over 1 []

New Mirror’s Edge is open-world

By: Eddie Makuch The new Mirror’s Edge game officially announced this week will feature an open world, publisher Electronic Arts confirmed this morning during a conference call. EA Labels boss Frank Gibeau described the new game as a cult classic and said it enjoyed a “great fan reaction” at E3’s briefing on Monday. “We’re bringing Faith back in this open-world [emphasis added] action adventure game,” Gibeau said. The Mirror’s Edge sequel is currently in development for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC. []

Final Fantasy Versus XIII delisted from Amazon

By: Erren Van Duine Popular online retailer is no longer selling Final Fantasy Versus XIII, according to various reports. Several users have noted the site – which used to offer the game for pre-order despite any concrete release date – has now halted sales outside of directing to other outside sellers. Upon visiting the product listing page , the game does indeed come up as unavailable. Other unreleased Square Enix titles such as Final Fantasy X|X-2 HD and Lightning Returns have []

Square Enix 10th anniversary site reopens with a countdown

By: Erren Van Duine Square Enix’s 10th anniversary teaser page – which disappeared the day after it went live nearly a couple months ago – has resurfaced this morning. This time, however, it seems to have some sort of countdown – although as of this writing is unmoving from 00:46:49. The text on the page has a few changes from the original: “As of April 1, 2013 we’ve reached our 10th anniversary! We hope you’ll continue supporting us going forward as well! Now then, []

Thursday Night TV (24 Jan 2013)

Well, this episode certainly got serious there.  It’s pretty evident that the writers are trying to create some tension, but the writers, well, they really need to work on how they do it.  Granted, there is no law against sitcom’s have serious moments, but with how this show has progressed over the seasons, this late in the game, it feels misplaced.  Steve Carrell was amazing at making serious moments funny, it was his job and he was brilliant at it.  But now, []

Monday Night TV (21 Jan 2013)

Sweet’s is an amazing character and the actor (John Francis Daley) is amazing.  The way he says all his psychological terms and analysis are amazing, I mean I believe, sometimes, that he really is a psychologist because the actor is just very good at what he does.  Hodgins (played by T. J. Thyne) was losing it in this episode.  Consider the circumstances I find it understandable and we got to see a brutal side to him, elevating his characterization.  The way T. []

Thursday Night TV (8 Nov 2012)

This is a great show. I simply find it amazing. The fact that Sherlock is ready to continue to hide who he is as well as be himself is simply amazing. I know I know that I say this a lot, but Jonny Lee Miller is awesome. I mean I think he is simply astonishing and I think it is equally amazing that his Sherlockness is rubbing off on Wastson (played by Lucy Liu). I have to applaud the writing. The writing []

Monday Night TV (5 Nov 2012)

Jack the Ripper. Sorry, as much as it was an interesting story and quite simply amazing, I could not take it seriously. Don’t get me wrong, I am fascinated with Jack the Ripper, fun fact, he murdered his victim on August 31 which just so happens to be my birthday. Beside that point, I was very interested in watching what this show had to offer. I have to say I love this show, Emily Deschanel is amazing and well, I just love []

Frank Grillo Confirmed To Play Crossbones In Captain America: The Winter Soldier

By: Eric Eisenberg It was one week ago that character actor Frank Grillo flew out to Los Angeles to test for the villain role in the highly anticipated sequel Captain America: The Winter Soldier, and now it’s being reported that his little trip wasn’t for naught. Mirroring the way that Grillo announced his own involvement with Marvel Studios last Monday, Variety writer Marc Graser has confirmed on his Twitter account that the End of Watch actor has been selected to play the []