Mass Effect 3 Rebellion DLC revealed – Report

By Eddie Makuch, News Editor @ GameSpot

MassEffect33_91277_screenThe next Mass Effect 3 downloadable content has been revealed, according to a report on Kotaku. According to the site, Sony’s Hong Kong website posted (and then removed) a listing for Mass Effect 3 Rebellion, a new multiplayer expansion for the role-playing game.

According to the description, the Rebellion multiplayer expansion will bring two new maps to Mass Effect 3 titled Firebase Jade and Firebase Goddess. Additionally, the content will bring three new weapons and six more classes, as well as fresh equipment and consumables.

The site reports the Rebellion DLC will release this week, but no official announcement has been made. An Electronic Arts representative told GameSpot, “We have nothing to announce at this time.”

If the Rebellion DLC for Mass Effect 3 is real, it will not be the only add-on headed to BioWare’s new role-playing game in the coming months. In April, the developer announced the Mass Effect 3: Extended Cut, a free piece of content due out this summer that will expand the space-bound RPG’s endgame through “cinematic sequences and epilogue scenes.”

Source: GameSpot


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