Taeyang’s "missing top fashion" shows off his strong body and discourages men? [NEWS]

Taeyang_L’officiel Hommes1Just before the announcement of special edition “Still Alive” that will be released on June 6, through a pictorial, idol group Big Bang’s member, Taeyang’s luxury abs are revealed.

Taeyang carried a photo shoot with fashion magazine, L’officiel Hommes, with the concept of “Star who young men wants to follow the most”. With the “missing top fashion”, boldly naked, the nation’s women’s hearts are throbbing. (“Missing top” here means that the top clothing is missing)

Published in the pictorial, Taeyang’s well-trained upper body muscles is revealed just as a bold metal accessories and latest stylish outfit that match “fashion monster” appearances.

Pants that exposed slim lower body silhouette, suspenders that match with Taeyang’s sexy and rough masculinity, wearing unique printed jumpsuit, he draws the same image as tough yet a bad boy.

An official who participated in the photo shoot said, “Despite the long shooting schedule that lasts for over eight hours, the staffs were impressed that Taeyang doesn’t even show any sign of inconvenience and focus on the shooting instead. In addition, for the sake of Taeyang’s pictorial, Big Bang’s stylist shows enthusiasm and went to Japan him/herself. The shooting staffs last in admiration (with that).”

This bare-top pictorial of Taeyang draws netizens responses, such as, “No matter how I look at Taeyang’s abs, I don’t get tired (of it)”, “The golden proportion is acknowledged!”, “His body is really pack”, “This summer, men will seem to be a little nervous”.

Source: StarNews via Nate & Big Bang Updates
Translated by: @vVIP_6819 | youremytaeyang

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