Excitement for ‘Monster’ grows with the release of Seungri’s teaser [NEWS]

Picture 7The release of the Seungri’s teaser for Big Bang’s “Monster” has been gathering attention.

At 12:00AM on the 31st, the video was posted on the YG Life blog. In the video, it seems as though Seungri was having a hard time looking for something. A new part of the song “Monster” was revealed with the video.

Seungri’s lyrics “don’t go don’t go don’t go don’t leave stop stop stop this is unlike you” had a unique feel to it and added the emotion of sadness.

The excitement for “Monster” grows, as G-Dragon and TOP’s versions have revealed narrations. With the new part that was shown today, people wonder how “Monster” will come out. Seungri’s black and white long coat and TOP’s blue eyes also showed overflowing charisma. The music video for “Monster” is said to have brought each member’s personalities to life in an extravagant video with a blockbuster scale.

Big Bang’s special edition “Still Alive” has not only the title song “Monster,” but also “Still Alive,” “Feeling,” “Bingle Bingle,” and “Ego,” along with the original songs from the 5th mini album “Alive.”

“Still Alive” will be revealed on the 3rd, and on the 6th, the hard copy album will be released, as a response to the fans’ love for Big Bang as they head for 16 countries and 25 cities as part of their world tour.

Translated by: @kristinekwak for bigbangupdates
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