Special "Big Bang Gate" to open for Still Alive’s release [NEWS]

120530_bigbang_notice(1)Announcement from YGFamily.com:

To celebrate the release of BIGBANG’s Special Edition – Still Alive, we are opening the ‘BIGBANG GATE’ at the Shinbundang line in Gangnam Station.

Here, you can view the music video of Monster, which is already gathering much attention, as well as the making video of Extraordinary 20s on a clear 45-inch LCD screen. There will also be an exhibit of the props used by the members in the music video of Monster.

Also, you can enjoy the music from BIGBANG’s Special Edition – Still Alive at the BIGBANG GATE. If you have a cell phone with NFCLeader, within 10cm of the BIGBANG GATE, the YG Application will automatically open and you can check on a variety of information about the group.

Enjoy BIGBANG’s Special Edition – Still Alive in this special area!


◆ Still Alive BIGBANG GATE Opening ◆

▶ When: June 2, 2012 (Saturday) – TBA
▶ Where: Gangnam Station, Shinbundang Line
▶ Programs:

1) Video Screenings –
June 2-5: Extraordinary 20s Spot Video
JUNE 6: Monster Music Video & Extraordinary 20 Making

2) Listening to music – Songs from Still Alive will be played

3) Prop Exhibit – props used in BIGBANG’s Monster music video will be displayed

4) Using a NFC mobile phone, you’ll be connected to YG Application within 10cm from the gate

Translated by @kristinekwak for bigbangupdates

Source: Big Bang Updates

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