For Greater Glory

405px-For_Greater_Glory_posterBeautiful movie, this was simply a beautiful and tragic movie about real events that took place in Mexico.  As a Mexican watching this movie meant a lot to me.  So many unjust things happened that sometimes make me ashamed of being a Mexican but here, this movie made me proud.  There were so many times when I thought I would cry in this movie, and truth me told, I went to bed thinking of all the things that had happened in Mexican during the Dictatorship that had occurred.  For a man to take away the rights of men is horrible, and what this man did was even worse, hanging men and women and children because he wasn’t religious.  But they way the people fought for what they believed in was amazing and heart warming.  This movie is a must see, and it made me proud to me a Mexican.  Viva Cristo Rey.

5/5 ★‘s & an “A++”.

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