E3 2012: Microsoft Press Conference Live Blog

By: Darryl Kaye   (@DarrylGU)

e3-2012-microsoft-press-conference-live-blogThe wait is almost over folks, E3 2012 is just about to kick off with Microsoft’s E3 press conference, live from Los Angeles.

Microsoft has already jumped the gun with a few different announcements, like the new Gears of War title called Gears of War Judgement. We also know we’ll be seeing some more information Halo 4. However, beyond that, Microsoft has kept things pretty close to their chest.

So what is everyone hoping for, or expecting from the console? Do you think Microsoft will shock the world and announce their new console? Or do you think it’ll be another conference focussed around Kinect exclusives and Xbox Live social apps?

The conference starts at 17:30 BST (09:30 PST), and it’s scheduled to run for approximately 90 minutes. We’ll have all the answers very soon. (All times will be local PST).

11:01: That’s the conference over. We’ll have more opinion and verdict later in the evening.
11:00: Gameplay demo is still going on. At this rate, there will be no need to play the game when it releases.
10:56 Graphics aren’t looking that fantastic. Animations look pretty standard too.
10:55: There will be branching paths and a high velocity sniper rifle that can shoot through objects.
10:53: Looks much more intense than the previous trailers they’ve shown at Microsoft conferences.
10:51: In case anyone case, downloadable content will be a timed-exclusive on Xbox 360 again.
10:50: Yawnfest. Did they really just close with Call of Duty: Black Ops 2?
10:48: Not the best performance ever, but he got the point across at least.
10:44: And that’s Usher on stage. Damn, we were hoping for more random developer from Harmonix.
10:43: And that’s Dance Central 3!
10:42: They’re talking about South Park: The Stick of Truth and the challenges that came with making the game.
10:41: Trey Parker and Matt Stone have taken to the stage.
10:40: This certainly isn’t for kiddies! The South Park RPG.
10:38: Now we’re on to some casual game for the kiddies!
10:37: Looks like Leon ends up in a bit of a sticky situation.
10:35: It’s looking pretty full-on, that’s for sure. Loads of close quarters stuff, explosions, etc.
10:32: Now we’re seeing some Resident Evil 6 footage from Capcom.
10:31: Third game comes from the creative mind of Pirates of the Caribbean and Rango. It’s called Matter and it’s for Kinect.
10:30: Second game is LocoCycle from Twisted Pixel.
10:28: First game is Ascend: New Gods, from Signal Studios.
10:28: Here we go. 3 new exclusives.
10:27: Pet hate. They just announced downloadable content ALREADY. Oh and it’ll be a timed-exclusive on Xbox 360.
10:26: Ouch, it looks like that hurt.
10:24: They’re showing off some pretty cool interaction with the environment. You can shoot oil lamps to make them explode.
10:23: It’s new footage, but have we seen anything this year (aside from FIFA 13, Madden 13 and Forza Horizon) that we didn’t see last year?
10:22: Now it’s time for Tomb Raider. Some guys from Crystal Dynamics are on stage to show off some new gameplay footage.
10:20: Microsoft are still talking with great enthusiasm about all of this.
10:18: Internet Explorer is coming to Xbox… yay?
10:16: We’re now seeing how it integrates with games. It’s just trying to pump more information at people all the time. Too much information can be a bad thing.
10:14: The Game of Thrones example is cool, but still entirely pointless. If you’re watching the show and care about it, you should know all of that anyway.
10:13: It’s giving him information about the film on his tablet. Who wants that? Surely you want to watch the movie?
10:12: Some tech called Xbox SmartGlass. Works with tablets. Apparently it makes movies more immersive.
10:11: Now it’s the time of Xbox Live to shine.
10:11: It’s coming Holiday 2012, for those of you who’re interested.
10:09: Nike+ Kinect Training. This could be pretty cool if you’re interested in fitness.
10:07: It’s a new game that’s made in conjunction with Nike.
10:05: They’ve just announced a new fitness game for Kinect.
10:03: It’s funny that they’ve spent more on this than talking about their actual games. I hope they have more to show later in the conference.
10:02: I know this is in America, but come on. If they’re going to do this, they could at least make it more global.
10:01: They’re also going to be showing more sports stuff. NBA is on Xbox. No idea why the gamer-centric audience is clapping about this. Can’t they just watch it on their TV?
10:00: Some new providers. Nickelodeon. Paramount Movies. Machinima.
09:59: He’s got some 1337 language skills. Props to him.
09:58: Boring. It’s the part of the conference that nobody cares about. Using Kinect to navigate the Xbox Live Dashboard. Wow, it’s even got more languages, fantastic.
09:57: The head of marketing is now on the stage. What does this mean? Microsoft aren’t talking about any of their new exclusives at all. Disappointing.
09:56: Now we’re seeing Forza Horizon, which looks like a complete rip-off of the DiRT franchise.
09:55: Looks pretty bog standard, very little excitement when the trailer ended.
09:54: He’s just introduced a trailer for Gears of War Judgement. We’ll be seeing Forza Horizon shortly after.
09:54: Apparently it’s going to be the best year for Xbox 360 gaming.
09:53: Still looks on rails. But Phil Spencer is now coming to talk about it.
09:52: Now we’re seeing a trailer for Fable: The Journey.
09:51: Joe’s getting all nostalgic.
09:50: Joe Montana is now going to demo Kinect’s Madden 13 integration.
09:49: It will also react to your angst against poor refereeing decisions, should you make them audible.
09:48: You’re able to use Kinect to make tactical decisions by speaking.
09:47: Now we’re on to EA Sports. It’s time for Madden 13 and FIFA 13 – as well as their Kinect integration.
09:46: It’s coming Spring 2013 – but he didn’t say it was exclusive to Xbox 360.
09:45: You’re also able to use Kinect to communicate with your team members to activate certain set pieces.
09:43: It’s going to be “enhanced” by Kinect voice recognition. You’re able to shout at guards to distract them.
09:42: The quick-execution move is back and in full-flow. Good to see.
09:41: Certainly is. Sam’s on a rampage and he’s just killed some people. Now we’re watching some live gameplay footage.
09:41: Or is it Splinter Cell: Blacklist?
09:40: We’re now being introduced to a Middle Eastern game. Could it be Black Ops 2?
09:39: And here’s the crowd favourite, Don Mattrick.
09:38: An ancient evil is awakening, apparently. And that’s some screaming Americans to boot.
09:37: And that’s a slow-motion shotgun kill to the FACE!
09:36: Master Chief just picked up a Forerunner weapon, looks pretty pimp. The enemies are pretty visceral looking.
09:35: Holy crap, what was that!?
09:35: Master Chief is taking on a new enemy – some kind of defensive AI. Definitely not Covenant.
09:34: Aww, and there are some little grunts – they’re always so cute aren’t they? Even cuter with a bullet in the head.
09:33: Now we’re into some Halo 4 gameplay. Visuals are looking pretty hot.
09:32: That’s a massive build-up for Halo 4. Master Chief is now in full focus.
09:31: And we’re off, with a live action trailer starting off the conference.
09:25: We’ve just been informed that the press conference will begin in 5 minutes time.

Source: Gaming Union

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