The Obsidian Blade (The Klaatu Diskos: Book 1)

Book 1

Hmm, now,  before I begin let me say that this was a good book overall, I enjoyed it and I like the adventure in the book as well as the characters within it.  However, I found this book in the young adult section but the writing, the style in which this story was told reminded me of something that maybe a tween should read.  It was a bit, rudimentary.  The first few chapters, however interesting, were quite boring, I was waiting for more to happen.  But as the story progressed, the pace picked up, the story got more interesting.  I liked the characters very much, I mean the three of them, the main characters were very interesting.  And the concept behind each story was very well constructed, I like the story of a child, losing years of his life is travelling through these time disks to first find his parents but then his path changes, not only that his very destiny that sends him on a whirlwind of an adventure.  There was a lot of build up which I applaud this  writers, however, as much as I am anticipating the next novel, this one was, just okay.  2.5/5 ‘s & a “C+”.

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