Crytek Won’t Be Making Games For Nintendo Wii U, PS Vita

By: Darryl Kaye   (@DarrylGU)

crytek-wont-be-making-games-for-nintendo-wii-u-ps-vitaThe CEO of Crytek, Cevat Yerli, has stated that the prominent German developer won’t be making any games for Sony’s PS Vita console, or Nintendo’s upcoming Wii U console.

Despite this assertion, Yerli did state that Crytek would be happy to help other studios develop games for the Nintendo Wii U, they just won’t do it themselves.

“For the Wii U, there will be games that run on the CryEngine, but from licensees,” Yerli told German games site Golem.

On the subject of the PlayStation Vita, disappointment over the platform’s initial sales have made Crytek hesitant to show their hand. “The Playstation Vita is currently too uncertain for us as a platform. Technically, I find the Vita very appealing, and have fun with it – no question. From a business perspective it is a bit too late.”

SOURCE: Golem & Gaming Union

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