Madagascar 3: Europe’s Most Wanted

Madagascar 3Charming, heartwarming and simply hilarious.  This was a great movie that I recommend to everyone.  This movie truly shows us what home really means to a person, but not only that, what family and friendship means.  This was a great movie, I loved it and I recommend that everyone see it.  I loved every single minute of it and I could not stop laughing!  There were moments that were simply so sweet that I loved them.  The writing in this movie was brilliant and the plot line that the story gave off was hilarious and sweet.  This movie truly ends the trilogy of Madagascar, it completed the story and gave it a solid ending.  I loved the characters within the story, past and present.  Not just a children’s movie.  The music selection, the CGI graphics and designs were amazing and awesome.  Trust me, the circus scene was awesome!  In 3D or regular, that scene is amazing.  Characters had growth as well.  No complaints from me on this movie folks.  4/4 ‘s & an “A+”.

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