And Then There Were None

147711697We are all familiar with this story.   It’s been done in Family Guy, The Simpsons and Harpers Island, Clue the game and movie and House on Haunted Hill to name a few.  The list goes on and on.  This story is about 10 people go to an island before a storm, and all 10 of them die.  They are all here because they are all guilty of a crime and someone, of the 10 people, fancies them jury, judge and executioner.  You don’t find out who it is until the end.  All you need to know is, they all die.  In any case, even though I knew the story beforehand, I was still entranced by it, unable to put the book down.  There is a reason Agatha Christie is the Queen of Mystery.  This is such a great book, and I loved it.  100% recommend to all.  5/5 ‘s & an “A+”.

Available wherever books are sold.

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