Michael Ian Black And Cobie Smulders Join David Wain’s They Came Together

By: Kristy Puchko

michael_ian_black_31515Paul Rudd and writer-director David Wain can’t seem to get enough of each other. Mere months after their latest collaboration Wanderlust hit theaters, the pair have swung into casting for their next team-up They Came Together, which Wain calls “a spoof/homage/deconstruction/love letter to Romantic Comedies.” This will mark the eighth feature the duo has worked together on, and buzz is already building on as its set to reunite Rudd with Amy Poehler, who not only co-starred in the Wain-directed cult classic Wet Hot American Summer, but also sparred with Rudd on her chipper sitcom Parks and Recreation.

Wain co-wrote They Came Together with fellow Stella co-creator Michael Showalter, looking to lampoon the absurd conventions that rom-coms have developed. Rudd will star as a corporate businessman who threatens the livelihood of Poehler’s knick-knack shop owner. The Hangover‘s Ed Helms has recently signed on to play Poehler’s love interest, an accountant named Eggbert, and New Girl‘s Max Greenfield has committed to play Rudd’s slacker younger brother. NowTHR reveals that Stella‘s third member Michael Ian Black has joined the cast, along with How I Met Your Mother‘s Cobie Smulders and Noureen DeWulf of the new Charlie Sheen sitcom Anger Management.

Black’s inclusion in the project could have been assumed, but it’s good to hear Smulders is getting more movie work. Of course, she offered Marvel fans a steely turn as Agent Maria Hill in The Avengers, but the adventure mostly set up the character than it gave Smulders any opportunity to dazzle. But as HIMYM fans know Smulders has a gift for daffy comedy, and so should prove a great addition to this ensemble.

While there’s no word on what roles Black and Smulders will play, DeWulf is lined up to play the personal assistant to Rudd’s surely demanding businessman. Though lesser known, this striking character actress has been popping up in a long line of comedies and sitcoms, and seems primed to make her breakthrough between Anger Management and this flick, which is sure to lure comedy nerds.

They Came Together goes into production July 2nd in New York.

Source: Cinema Blend

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