Ghost Recon: Future Soldier PC has severe bugs, players say

By: Connor Sheridan


Two patches since Tuesday release still leave multiple game-stopping issues, according to support forums.

Gamers who waited for Tuesday’s PC launch to get their Ghost Recon: Future Soldier on were greeted with a cornucopia of errors from unrecognized inputs to graphical issues, according to posts on the game’s official forums and on Steam. Ubisoft has since responded with two patches, though players are still reporting many issues.

The forum posts outline issues with keyboard and mouse support, difficulties with rebinding keys, crashes, online multiplayer regularly disconnecting, and graphical issues actually worsened after patching. Some players are unable to move their characters at all, but Ubisoft support has attributed this to problems the game has when some input devices beyond a mouse and keyboard are installed.

“I present Ubi with my own achievement: ‘First time in my life I couldn’t play a game on release date,'” one Steam player said. Ubisoft representatives are asking for further information from players on their PCs and problems reported, and have said the team is “working aggressively” on the game’s issues. They did not speak on how or why the game was released with its unusual number of problems when reached for comment.

The game’s PC version was delayed more than a month after its console counterparts, after several delays to development throughout its history.

Source: GameSpot

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