No Final Fantasy VII remake until Square Enix tops original

By: Jonathan Toyad


Square Enix CEO says RPG series would be done for if a remake were made now; company first needs to make a game that beats FFVII in terms of quality, sales.

Don’t expect a Final Fantasy VII remake until Square Enix can make a new installment in the role-playing game franchise that tops the company’s landmark original PlayStation effort.

In a Q&A session of Square Enix’s annual shareholder’s briefing, CEO Yoichi Wada said that a remake of Final Fantasy VII will happen once the company makes a new Final Fantasy title that succeeds the seventh game in terms of quality and sales, something the company has to date failed to do.

If Square Enix were to release a remake right now, Wada said that the series would be done for. He also said that staff members assigned to the supposed project would have to be fully committed to it if it were in the pipeline.

Final Fantasy VII was an immediate critical and commercial success upon its release; the game sold 10 million copies worldwide as of May 2010. The original is currently available for download on the PlayStation Network, and a Steam rerelease has been rumored.

Source: GameSpot

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