Ryan Reynolds Is The Frontrunner For Planned Highlander Reboot

By: Sean O’Connell

ryan_reynolds_31005There can be only one … except when there isn’t. The famous Highlander phrase has faded in time, as the initial 1986 fantasy adventure spawned multiple sequels and even a TV spin-off. Rumors of a Highlander reboot have been swirling around for some time (with Fast Five director Justin Lin attached at one point), but they’re about to kick into high gear with the attachment of a major name.

Variety is saying that Ryan Reynolds is the frontrunner for the lead role in Lionsgate-Summit’s planned Highlander, with the trade saying both sides are “in talks” and “very interested” but unable to confirm yet if an offer has been made to the actor’s camp. Instead, the trade is backing up its news by saying Reynolds still is contemplating other projects and “could choose to pursue another project” if the Highlander details don’t hammer out to his liking.

As of now, 28 Days Later director Juan Carlos Fresnadillo is on board to helm the Highlander reboot, which would be produced by Neal Moritz and Peter Davis. It’s unclear when and where this new Highlander will be set. The original premise found the franchise’s immortal swordsman fighting off foes in various time frames, all to earn the title of Highlander.

Is this the right move for Reynolds? I’m honestly torn. His Green Lantern missed its mark, and he has been in the market for a franchise to call his own after Deadpool died in the water. He has a passionate audience, as proven by the box office numbers for Safe House and The Proposal. But do they want to see him in this? Do you? Let us know.

Source: Cinema Blend

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