Emile De Ravin To Return To Once Upon A Time As Series Regular For Season 2

By: Kelly West

Once_Upon_a_Time_43761Once upon a time, Lost beauty Emilie de Ravin played on a recurring guest starring role in ABC’s fairy tale drama Once Upon a Time. Those who appreciated her take on Beauty and the Beast‘s Belle will be happy to learn that she’s not only returning to the series for Season 2, but that we may be seeing much more of her this time around.

Read no further if you aren’t caught up on Season 1 of Once Upon a Time!

When last we saw Belle, the spell on Storybrooke was broken, and she was professing her love to Rumpelstiltskin. Will they find their happily ever after? The pessimist in me is skeptical, but it’s good to know that their story will resume in Season 2. According to TV Line, not only will Emilie de Ravin be back for Season 2, but she’s been upgraded to series regular. With that in mind, perhaps Belle won’t be spending so much time in a dungeon this season. As the site notes, she was only in three episodes in Season 1.

Belle’s story may have been taken in another direction, had Emilie de Ravin’s pilot at ABC gone to series, but with the network taking a pass on Americana, Once Upon a Time gets more Belle! De Ravin’s upgrade is certainly good news, and it adds a bit more Lost-ishness to Sunday nights for ABC. New drama series 666 Park Avenue, which stars Lost‘s Terry O’Quinn, is also set to air on Sunday nights.

Source: TV Blend

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