Final Fantasy VII Returning to PC

By: Alex


Today, Square Enix has announced the re-release for the game fans have been waiting anxiously for, Final Fantasy VII for the PC. Before you get too excited, this isn’t a HD remake, only a downloadable re-release of the PC version that was released in 1998.

However, Square Enix has included some new extras to this version. These new features include 36 achievements, characters boosters which allow the player to increase their HP, MP and Gil to their max amounts and Cloud Saves. There have been no more details on the achievements or character boosters yet.

Luckily, for those fans that don’t have computers capable of running the games of today, Final Fantasy VII needs little to run.

– Microsoft Windows XP/Vista/7 (32/64-bit)
– 2GHz Processor or faster
– DirectX 9-compatible graphic card

To go to the Final Fantasy VII PC homepage, click here.

Final Fantasy VII PC will be exclusively released on the Square Enix Online Store (click here to get there). There is no mention of price or release date yet except for the words ‘Coming Soon’.

However, this seems like a worthwhile reason to revisit the streets of Midgar on the game’s 15th Anniversary.

Source: Final Fantasy Union

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