Tales of Xillia 2 Coming This November

By: Shawn


Last month Namco Bandai revealed that the next Tales of title would beTales of Xillia 2, with more information about the game coming out later in the month. And as expected, said information has now been revealed.

The official release date for the game is now set for November 1, 2012 in Japan. As far as pre-order bonuses go, Xillia 2 will include a mini-novel that bridges the events between the original Xillia and its sequel. In addition, a special Emil Castagnier-themed costume will be given for main character Ludger and some special PS3 themes will also be released (no further information about these were given). Interestingly enough though, the game is currently stated to only be at 65% completion.

We also have a new scan which reveals that Leia and Alvin from the first title will be appearing again in the sequel and will be playable. The scan also reveals the character design for Ludger’s older brother, Julius Will Kresnik.

We also have new Tales of Xillia 2 videos to show. The first video is a HD version of the first trailer shown last month. The others, which can be found at this link via Famitsu (as they currently aren’t available via the official website), show event scenes with the currently announced characters.

Source: Tales Union

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