The Nurses Return In Silent Hill: Revelation 3D Clip

By: Kristy Puchko

thumbSan Diego Comic Con 2012 has been good to writer-director Michael J. Bassett. Not only has it resurrected his fantasy adventure flick Solomon Kane, but it has also unveiled the first clip for his upcoming addition to the Silent Hill franchise,Silent Hill: Revelation 3D.

Emerging ingénue Adelaide Clemens stars as Heather Mason, a young woman who has long been haunted by horrific nightmares. But once her father goes missing, she is lead to a bizarre alternative universe, where her childhood terrors prove to be real. Game of Thrones‘ Sean Bean and Kit Harington co-star, the former as her father, the latter as a young man she enlists to help her in her search. While little else is known about this sequel, you can get a look at the pivotal moment where Clemens and Harington pair up here.

I recall little from 2006’s Silent Hill aside from the freaky nurses featured above. That’s in part because every Comic Con I’ve attended since has been peppered with a few creepy cosplay recreations. I doubt I’m alone in clearly remembering these monstrous ladies in Silent Hill, so it’s a smart move for Open Road Films—which is handling the domestic distribution—to tease Silent Hill: Revelation 3D with a clip that heavily features them.

Hopefully future trailers will give some screentime to the picture’s other noteworthy cast members, like Malcolm McDowell, Carrie-Ann Moss and Radha Mitchell who is reprising her role as the haunted Rose Da Silva.

Silent Hill: Revelation 3D opens October 26th.

Source: Cinema Blend

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