Here’s The Star Trek 2 Footage Karl Urban Promised At Comic Con

By: Katey Rich

thumb (1)Karl Urban surprised a lot of people last week when he revealed, seemingly offhand, that the villain Benedict Cumberbatch would be playing in Star Trek 2 was Gary Mitchell, a former member of Starfleet who turns evil. We could never get confirmation that Urban wasn’t messing with us, of course, but the whole hubbub didn’t seem to stop him going into Comic Con, where Urban was on hand to promote his upcoming turn in Dredd. He was promising that he would show off exclusive new footage from Star Trek 2. No one knew what he meant, and writer Damon Lindelof even claimed he had no idea what Urban was talking about. Now the footage in question has been posted to YouTube– and, well, I hope you like Urban’s sense of humor.

Hey, give the guy some credit– there is real footage from Star Trek 2 in there, featuring J.J. Abrams and everything, and you can look at that silver ball he’s holding in his hand and wonder what kind of mystery that might suggest. But otherwise, yeah, Urban’s been pulling our leg for a few days now, clearly enjoying the fact that his participation in a hugely anticipated movie gave him a lot of power. Personally, I’m not too upset by this– it always seemed unlikely that Urban would be handed access to the first Star Trek 2 footage out there, and I enjoy that he both tricked us by showing off a surfing video and really did toss in a Star Trek bone at the end.

We’re still going to be left waiting for the first trailer for the Star Trek sequel, though since it’s set for a relatively soon release of May 17 next year, maybe we can hope to see something this fall. But hey, you never know– maybe now Simon Pegg will tweet a link to his own 10 seconds of backstage footage, and the games will continue.

Source: Cinema Blend

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