The future of the Final Fantasy XIII saga to be revealed in September

Future-FFXIIIThe main focus of Square Enix lately has been surrounding the future of Final Fantasy XIII.  It has been noted that the future of this saga will be revealed this September at the upcoming Final Fantasy 25th anniversary event.

According to the latest update from Square Enix’s own site, all even plans have been outlined.  These even plants include various stage exhibits from 8/31 to 9/2.  The first day is scheduled to be held exclusively for the press and select fans from Square Enix members.  This days is said ti include an opening ceremony and an early demo event.  Lucky fans!

On 9/1 at 11:30, Final Fantasy XIII will take the stage.  This presentation will be called “Final Fantasy XIII Lightning’s Saga – New Developments Presentation.”  Square promises details on the future of this project here.  Yoshinori Kitase, Motomu Toriyama, Isamu Kamikokuryou and other staff from the Final Fantasy game will also be there to answer questions.

In other news regarding this 25th anniversary, September 1st will play host to Final Fantasy XIV’s Naoki Yshida.  Here is where he will talk regarding the upcoming version 2.0.  There will also be a music stage for Final Fantasy XI’s 10th anniversary.

On the final day of the event, there will be an event to feature of Final Fantasy VII.  The stage will be hosting the Final Fantasy games’ 15th anniversary and will present a show with various voice actors from the series.  There will also be a live recording of Square Enix’s own radio show that will include a round table discussion with Hajime Tabata, Yusuke Naora and Yoshihisa Hashimoto on the future of Final Fantasy.

There was no mention of Final Fantasy Versus XIII on the schedule.  Is this game ever going to come out?

Source: Nova Crystallis


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