World of Warcraft: Mists of Pandaria lands September 25

647695_20120319_640screen019It’s about Panda’s, yes, I needed to start with that because it just seems to cute.

Okay, World of Warcraft: Mists of Pandaria is the latest expansion to Blizzard Entertainments massive online RPG, will launch on September 25.  The game will be available in stores an online for $39.99, with a Collector’s Edition on sale for $79.99.

The game introduces player into a new playable race and continent to the game.  The Pandaren are a race of Panda like martial artists (I think Kung-Fu Panda) and Pandaria, is their homeland.  It also bumps the level cap to 9- and adds a new monk class which is cool.

The Collectors Edition of the game is worth the price.  It includes a behind the scenes DVD and Blu-Ray, a soundtrack CD, an art book, a mouse pad, as well as a special in-game pet and mount.  To promote another one of their games, the Collectors Edition will feature StarCraft II portraits and a Diablo III banner sigil and accent with Pandaren markings.

Players can purchase the digital download version of the game now on the official site.  As of right now Blizzard is also offering a Digital Deluxe Edition for $59.99 which gives players the Collectors Edition along with their download of the expansion.

Mists of Pandaia is opening its doors to player-testers in March with its “ongoing beta testing phase, called "our most extensive beta test yet" by Blizzard chief executive Mike Morhaime.”

Source: GameSpot

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