GameStop defends used prices

By: Eddie Makuch

Refurb_74478_screenGameStop has spoken out to defend its used product prices. Divisional vice president of refurbishment John Daugherty told GameSpot at a media event at the firm’s refurbishment center in Grapevine, Texas last week that if consumers saw what happens behind the scenes, they would understand why GameStop charges what it does for used products.

"[The refurbishment process] does have a cost to us, which is kind of the behind-the-scenes thing that the consumer never gets to see," Daugherty said. "They see what we offer in trade and they see what we sell it for. They don’t see the process behind the scenes. If they were more aware of that, they would [say], ‘It makes more sense to me now. It makes more sense to me why the prices are what they are.’"

In an interview published this week, GameStop CEO Paul Raines told GameSpot that having a refurbishment center is a major part of how the retailer finds success in the used market. For more on our trip to GameStop’s refurbishment center, check back later this week for a photo feature documenting what we saw and what we learned.

Source: GameSpot

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