Nicole Kidman Could Reunite With Lars Von Trier For The Nymphomaniac

By: Sean O’Connell

nicole_kidman_32265Very few actresses agree to work with Lars von Trier a second time. Either the demanding rigors of a Von Trier production break their spirit, or the director says something inflammatory about the Nazi party during a press conference in Cannes. Either way, the auteur often makes it difficult to maintain a working relationship, though one of his most celebrated collaborators might be gearing up for “Lars: Round Two.”

Nicole Kidman, who starred in Von Trier’s minimalistic masterpiece Dogville, could be appearing in a small role in The Nymphomaniac, a racy, two-part drama he’d like to have ready for Cannes 2013. (Wait, didn’t the festival ban him earlier this year?) Kidman was speaking with the movie magazine Positif (via The Playlist) and admitted she would be working for a “few days” on Von Trier’s set. Beyond that, we’re left to speculate.

Kidman had the opportunity to reteam with Von Trier on his Dogville sequel,  Manderlay, but she passed … allowing Bryce Dallas Howard to step into the role. Whatever beef existed between the leading lady and her director must have faded, though, if she’s willing to challenge herself for Nymphomaniac.

The film’s actually populated with Von Trier veterans. Stellen Skarsgard, Charlotte Gainsbourg and Willem Dafoe have signed, so Kidman would be right at home with previous soldiers from the Von Trier battlefield.

The plot follows one woman’s erotic journey from “birth to the age of 50, as told by the main character,” according to the film’s official synopsis. Von Trier has said he’ll cut two different versions of the film, which will be laden with sexually explicit material. The softcore version will feature the recognizable Hollywood talents, while a hardcore version will swap in porn actors. Oh, Lars. Will we ever be able to figure you out?

Source: Cinema Blend

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