5 YA Books to Read If You Love The 10th Kingdom

By Cynthia Bujnicki

I am a massive fan of The 10th Kingdom miniseries and fairy tale retellings, well, I love those as well. Fairy tales have always struck a chord with me, and as times have progressed, so has the evolution of the story. Much like Virginia, many fairy tales nowadays feature a damsel who can save herself. Nevertheless, the happy endings, they live on by the end of the story and, as always, good triumphs over evil. So, I have compiled a list with some fierce protagonists and compelling stories that remind me of The 10th Kingdom.

1. School for Good and Evil series

The School for Good and Evil is the perfect series to complement this mini-series. The School for Good and Evil series is marketed to the children/middle-grade section, but it has mature storytelling and compelling characters. Not to mention it is a giant fairy tale with great twists and turns. I certainly love this series as much as The 10th Kingdom.

2. The Hazel Wood

This novel is more reminiscent of the Grimm Fairy tales which is great and why it is here. Alice has found herself sucked into a real-life fairy tale much like Virginia, caught in the grips of the terrifying reality she must face, dealing with magic she does not understand and a past she cannot reconcile herself with…until the end. It is a gripping fairy tale and a dark, enchanting read.

3. The Evil Queen

The Evil Queen is an incredible novel. Gena Showalter plays with fairy tales and reevaluate4s what it means to be good and evil. Nothing is as it seems here, as the characters play multiple roles in classic fairy tales. It has a great blend of modernity to it and takes the readers from our world to the Forest of Good and Evil. Honestly, it is a great fairy tale retelling with great twists and turns.

4. The Lunar Chronicles

The Lunar Chronicles is a great series. I liked the idea of the series and the adventure. It has a great blend of science fiction and fantasy to keep the reader engaged, as well as strong female characters. It is also a unique way not only to retell classic fairy tales but blends them effortlessly.

5. Damsel

Another fairy tale that is quite dark. I will say this, it has many allusions to classic Grimm Fairy tales and does not shy away from the horror of them. I think many people forget that many of the classic tales have quite horrible endings. This one does not have quite a horrible ending; it is quite brilliant but not for the faint of heart. Still, it is an excellent fairy tale rendition.

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