Way Of The Samurai 4 Coming This Month In North America

By: Shawn Collier   (@ShawnCollier)

way-of-the-samurai-4-coming-this-month-in-north-americaBack in August, XSEED Games announced the Western release of Way of the Samurai 4 but only gave it a tentative Summer 2012 release window. The publisher has now officially announced the release date for the game — and it’s very close!

Offering a unique setting, Way of the Samurai 4 opens in mid-19th century Japan. For hundreds of years, the Japanese shogunate has operated under a strict policy of isolation, keeping the nation walled off from foreign trade and cultural influence. Now, for the first time in centuries, Japan has opened its borders to the world beyond. This new cultural landscape has created countless opportunities for the ambitious, and players are thrown into this world as a masterless samurai looking to make a name for himself.

Players will begin their experience in Way of the Samurai 4 by creating their own customized character. After building their samurai warrior and choosing from one of three distinct age groups – youth, young man or middle-aged – players are thrown into a tumultuous power struggle between three factions: the shogunate pro-governmental forces, the nationalistic isolationists, and the foreign powers who are heavily influenced by the British Navy.

Way of the Samurai 4 will be released exclusively as a digital download via PSN on August 21 for $39.99.

Source: Gaming Union

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