Galaxy Quest 2, is that to much to ask?

galaxyquestcrewGalaxy Quest was a movie that was a satire of Star Trek (and actors from Star Trek loved it as well – look for their reactions, they are hilarious).  It not only paid tribute to the Star Trek fandom, of which I am a part of, but also to the fans.  It was a hilarious movie, with both touching moments as well as as very serious ones.  The way that this movie was written was hilarious.  I mean even Roger Ebert liked it, and that is really saying something.  And financially the movie grossed $90,683,916 worldwide, so where is my sequel?

I’ve watched this movie so many times, in fact I’m watching it right now.  I have it as memorized as I do Spaceball, I an literally quote this entire movie.  Yes folks, I am that much of a nerd.  I have no shame in that.  It’s a great movie, and I love it.  It has all the cleverness and ingenuity of Mel Brooks himself.  It makes me laugh, and yes, not to sound cheesy but it even makes me want to cry.  This movie has it all, and I love it for that.  It’s simply an amazing movie.  So can I get a sequel.

Recent interviews with the actors have told us that they would like to be a part of a sequel, but considering the fact that Dean Parisot wants to be a part of Bill and Ted 3, unless they get another director for Galaxy Quest 2, it’s not likely to happen anytime soon.  But here’s to hoping.

What do you think the sequel should be about?  Lets here your input.

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