New Tropico in development

By: Eddie Makuch

tropico4_91185_screenA new Tropico game is in development at Haemimont Games, and it’s gearing up to implement a range of new changes, studio CEO Gabriel Dobrov told Joystiq recently.

“We’ve already started on Tropico,” Dobrov said. “This time we’re wiping the whole game clean and building it from the ground up. We’re starting with a clean design this time and all the graphics will be new.”

Dobrov did not say what era the game might take place in, or where it may be set, but noted the project will be “larger in scope.”

The most recent entry in the island adventure series was 2011’s Tropico 4, which arrived in August for the PC and in October for the Xbox 360. An expansion–Modern Times–arrived in early 2012 and featured a new campaign set after the main game.

Source: GameSpot

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