Twelve (The Danilov Quintet: Book 1)

Book 1

Great exhilarating book. I have to say though that the novel had a very slow beginning, I had no problem putting it down. That was until the discovery of what the Twelve really were was made. Once Aleksie knew what they were, creatures of the night, I could not put this book down!

Given the imagery of the novel, and the subtle yet clear detailing, I felt as though I were in Russia.  Kent gave these characters amazing and distinct personalities and characterization.  What I mean by that is this: this book takes place in Russia in 1812 during the French invasion under Bonaparte, the personalities of these characters reflect those involved in war, in this war, in this time, giving it a very realistic touch, it’s hard to believe that this is fiction.  I must congratulate Kent in this accomplishment, because to get into that mindset, I don’t think that was easy and yet here, he has made it look flawless.

I simply love how Kent was able tot  get me to the edge of my seat and weave together history, military warfare and the horrors of creatures of the night.  Oh, and here’s a little fun fact: Vlad II Dracul was “the son of the Dragon”, Vlad the Impaler and Prince of Wallachia.  Trust me, this little tidbit will reveal and unravel more than what is within the dark corners of these pages.

Intricately woven, delicately detailed with a masterful heart-pounding plot that will surely get you t the edge of your seat as it did mine.  4/5 ★‘s and a “B+”.

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