The Expendables 2

The_Expendables_2_posterHere you have soldiers for hire, yet not quite.   These men here have honor and loyalty.  What Sylvester Stallone wove together  here, was more than what one would expect.  Not only did this movie carry with it action non-stop, it carried meaning with it, heart.  This movie portrayed loyalty and love in it’s finest.  Liam Hemsworth was amazing and incredibly lucky to work alongside these action stars.  The moments with him, surrounding him, referencing him, those were the most tender.

Now onto other aspects of this movie.  Oh my god, the references!!  This movie references the Terminator, Rambo and Die Hard, to name a few, those were hilarious!  (Personally I would have liked a He-Man movie reference).  They paid homage to these action stars in their finest roles, not just because of why they were used, but also of how cleverly they were used.  Pure hilarity!  Oh and the references to Lundgren’s action degrees were pretty awesome.  They  weren’t just mindlessly thrown in there, they were written in, fitting into the plot.  Pure genius!  Now we know just how smart that man is.  Bravo Stallone!  And another thing, Schwarzenegger with that shot gun, a scene reminiscent of Terminator 2: Judgment Day.  It was amazing!

What I also liked was the non-stop action.  However, considering how good Jean-Claude Van Damme is (dude is a black belt in Shotokan – movie is proof that he has still got those moves)I must agree with my mother, I would have liked a Kung-Fu match between him and Jet-Li or Chuck Norris (this guy battled it out with Bruce Lee in Way of the Dragon).  That would have been amazing!  Now, more than amazing, it would have been epic!  Heck, I would have liked another Universal Soldier showdown between Lundgren and Van Damme!  But that didn’t happen, but more to the point, the action wasn’t pointless, it was written into the plot well, giving it some substance, rather than having it be mindless violence.  Brilliantly done!

3.9/4 ‘s and an “A-“(only because it  didn’t get my Kung-Fu showdown).

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