Adjustment Bureau Director To Helm Fatal Attraction-Facebook Mash-Up XOXO

By: Eric Eisenberg

george_nolfi_32674The film once called "Fatal Attraction for the digital age" has finally found its director. George Nolfi, who is best known as the director of the 2011 Matt Damon thriller The Adjustment Bureau, is now attached to both direct and oversee a rewrite of XOXO, a film about a dangerous relationship that begins in the world of social media. The original script was written by Mark Heyman , who is best known as one of the scribes of Darren Aronofsky’s Black Swan (Heyman will be doing the re-write himself).

Variety reports that the movie is about a soon-to-be-married executive who makes a bad habit out of flirting with women online. He then begins a relationship with an woman only to discover that " his Internet romance is seeping into his actual life in a deadly way." The project is being developed by Lionsgate and both Aronofsky and Michael London are on-board to produce. In order to prevent the film from just being two people sitting in front of a computer, it has been reported that the film will have many stylized visual sequences, though it’s unknown exactly what that will entail (with Nolfi now on-board that picture should become clearer).

XOXO will only be Nolfi’s second directorial effort, as his previous work in the movie industry has been as a screenwriter. In addition to writing the script for The Adjustment Bureau, his other titles include 2003’s Timeline,Ocean’s Twelve, The Sentinel and The Bourne Ultimatum. Most recently he served as a writing supervisor on The Last Stand, the upcoming thriller starring Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Source: Cinema Blend

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