Reasons why “The Power of Six” should be a movie

the-power-of-sixI’ll don’t know about you guys but I absolutely loved the “I Am Number Four” movie and I would really love to see “The Power of Six” as a film as well. My favorite part about the movie was was the screenplay adaptation, that was hands down, my favorite part because I read the book. I read online a lot of people have complained that they don’t want to see “The Power of Six” as a movie because the first movie didn’t do the justice. I disagree. Screenplays aren’t meant to portray books word for word otherwise it would be tedious thing and then the movies would end up being 3 hours or more.  What I love about the screenwriter for “I Am Number Four” is he got all the important events that happened to get the book and he was able to write them into the screenplay while keeping true to the book true and weaving those events together flawlessly, making the movie flow undisturbed. I mean you have to think he is on a time constraint, you not going to sit there for 4 hour movie just to see a book on screen word for word are you.  I mean there is a reason they no longer make 4 hour movies anymore.  You want the movie to just go fast paced, although you haven’t been there long at all, it has to be fast, like a jack rabbit, and have to have a fast paced do it and you need a 2 and a half hour time span I mean really a 3 hour movies are good but it’s hard to make a good 3 hour movie.  You need a book with a lot going on in it like The Lord of the Rings Trilogy, although “The Return of the King” was a bit slow and dragged a bit, in my opinion.

I mean the direction was also very good you had these good actors who did their part is very justice I absolutely loved it and then you had this story that doesn’t really have a lot of depth to it I mean the characters needed a bit more development in the books.  But I  look past that because this is a 6 book series, why would anyone want all the character growth in the first book?  I mean why continue reading the books if the characters are the same as they were in book one.  You need character development to go hand in hand with story development.    I read an article by a women, and I wish I had saved the link (sorry folks).  This woman said she wasn’t going to see “The Power of Six” if it were ever a movie.  She read the book, thought it was okay.  She didn’t even bother to see “I Am Number Four” or read that book.  She said that the characters in The Power of Six were bland.  Well sure you’re missing out on how the characters began, how they grew, are they developed and influenced one another.  There is a lot of story and character growth that emerge in the second book.  I just finished reading “The Power of Nine” and there is even more growth and development in that book. 

People keep comparing this book saga with Harry Potter.  Is movie 1 up to par with Harry Potter saga of course not it was just the first book, and I think it’s unfair to keep comparing two vastly different books with one another.  I mean in the first Harry Potter book there ins’t a whole lot of character growth, I mean the kids are eleven and since the beginning we knew that this was a 7 book saga, so of course there wouldn’t be a whole lot of growth.  It spans the books, the events that happen to them.   Life influences your character, that is not different with any saga.  Like I said, this book is vastly different than Harry Potter and it isn’t fair to compare it to Harry Potter.  In fact, it isn’t fair to compare any book saga to Harry Potter because if you keep doing that and the first movie doesn’t do as well as you hoped then what’s the point in even starting.  And that really sucks because “I Am Number Four” got a lot of good reviews in did make a lot of money and there are fans out there, like me, who would like to see the following books developed into movies. It’s not fair to just cut of the characters right when they start to develop, it completely sucks, to be quite frank.

But as of right now the movie project has been shelved and I don’t know if it is ever gonna happen. “I Am Number Four” was a good movie and “The Power of Six” was an even better book that than it’s predecessor.  It had more action, more characters, more story.  Development all around.   And come on who doesn’t like Sam?  I mean the way Sam improved in this book was pretty darn awesome.   We get to learn more about the characters, more about who they are.  If you ask me, it would be a freaking awesome movie. I loved it!

Now, like I said earlier, I just finish reading “The Rise of Nine” (seriously if you haven’t begun this seires go, buy the books). Seriously, this series could be great movies if only Hollywood would get of it’s stuck up ass and stop comparing it to other franchises.  If you ask me every book should be held on it’s own right.  They could all be great if they are done right, done justice.  Percy Jackson and Eragon were crap movies and need to be redone, those are perfect examples of super crap screenplays that butcher the books.  You do a movie right, you’ve got something, and the Lorien Legacies, that’s really something.  If you want “The Power of Six” to be a movie spread the word. I mean let’s create a fanbase here and bother the heck out of Hollywood.

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  1. yeah thats right!!! the book is awesome and the first movie was great that motivate me read the other 3 books and lost files because i cant wait any longer to see this movies,,but I was hoping also that would be a movie soon.Fiction movies would be awesome if you can see it alive..Percy Jackson really sucks,,and lastly I almost read and see harry Potter but this stuff doesnt motivate like the Lorien legacies did

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