Deadly Little Voice (A Touch Novel: Book 4)

8789318Oh. My. God!  This was such an amazing book!  I loved it so much I could not put the book down.  The suspense was amazing. Chapter after chapter I was gripped to the pages of this book.  The way the story flowed was simply amazing!  I loved the twist and turns in this book and I loved the creepy factor in this book.  Brilliantly done.  As I continued to read this book, I began to feel as lost as Camellia, finding it hard to distinguish between reality and her hallucinations/visions.  Now that is good writing, when the reader loses themselves in the book, completely enthralled by not only the plot but the characters as well.

I admit, sometimes the characters pissed me up, but the fact that I could feel so much rage at the characters is amazing! It means they came off as real, and once again, I know I am reiterating, but forgive me, that is what makes a damn good book, when the characters feel real and you can relate them to real people you may know.  This was a pulse racing, gripping, enthralling damn good book.  I can’t wait to read the next book.  Laurie truly is a literary artist for this generation. 4/4 ‘s and a “A+”.

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