The Apparition

The-Apparition-Poster-Hi-resWhat can I say?  This movie has the appeal of something akin to Edgar Allan Poe.  But before I get into that, I want to talk about this movie.  Here you have something that says “once you believe you die”.  Where was the believing?  The movie starts off very well with these group of people trying to bring something from the other side to our side.  From there, things go wrong and them the movie jumps and it takes on an extremely slow pace that doesn’t flow with how the movie started.

That being said, I need to say this.  Ashley Greene’s acting sucked.  I mean, it seriously sucked.  This is the same girl who is Alice from the Twilight Saga.  Maybe I never noticed before that she was a sucky actress, but here it felt as though she was reading the lines of the script and not actually acting them out.  Also, there was no chemistry whatsoever between her and Sebastian Stan.  I could have believed that they were friends, but not romantically involved, except they were romantically involved in this movie.  Watching these two flirt was just painful.

Now the movie did have a bit of a freak factory.  It was creepy and a bit frightening and was able to pull it off with no gore whatsoever.  I have to say, it’s nice to see a movie with a good freak/scary factor minus the gore.  I liked that.  I also loved the fact that this movie did not have a happy ending.  Did they stop the apparition? No.  Do they live happily ever after? Nope.  They all die, in a manner of speaking.  That’s why this story is reminiscent of Edgar Allan Poe.  It was freaky with no happy ending.  It was a modern rendition, as well as a twist to Edgar Allan Poe’s “The Facts of the Case of M. Valdemar”.  More specifically the movie based on that “Two Evil Eyes.”  Hypnotist hypnotizes a guy and the guy dies and that opens a doorway to the other side.  Being from the other side kill the hypnotist while he is hypnotized and the doorway is forever open.  The hypnotist here would be Tom Felton who was amazing.  This movie did not have enough Tom Felton and the plot was not fully well developed.

Overall, a decent movie, you can skip it in theaters but I do recommend renting it when it becomes available.  If you can get past the non-existent chemistry and look past Ashley Greene’s “okay” acting, you’ll be just fine.  2/4 ‘s and a “C”.

Let me know what you think :)

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