T.O.P’s new movie The Alumni suspends filming


topT.O.P’s new movie, “Alumni,” has indefinitely suspended all filming due to the main director’s sudden departure from the crew.

According to Star News, the director of “Alumni,” Park Shin Woo, has stepped down from his position last month, and his replacement still has not been filled. Although filming started in July, Park Shin Woo and the production company couldn’t overcome their differences, and the recording has been stalled for over a month now.

The production company didn’t get into the details, only explaining, “All recording stopped because of the recent hurricane, and after internal discussion, we decided to replace the director.”

“Alumni” is a movie about a North Korean spy that gets dispatched to South Korea with his son. T.O.P plays the son of the North Korean spy, and tries to save his younger sister from danger.

Source: Soompi, Big Bang Updates


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