G-Dragon Says It Wasn’t His Sexy Body in the ‘Crayon’ MV

gd_radioSo, I am so pleased to hear this.  I was really freaking out that G-Dragon actually had that great of a body.  No guy should look that good unless they had surgery.  Naturally though, no, does not bode well for my esteem.

We saw this mega hot bod in the music video for G-Dragons’s new song “Crayon”.  I don’t know about the rest of you but when the face turned and revealed G-Dragon, I freaked out.  I mean I was amazed but yet, at the same time, I freaked out.

But guess what folks, not him (I know I already said that).

G-Dragon appeared on the KBS radio program, Yoo In Na’s Raise the Volume September 19th.  G-Dragon talked about his first solo album in three years.

I was not the only person who thought that that was really his body.  It was a hot topic that buzzed all over the internet and it was one that Yoo In Na asked about.  To this G-Dragon said:

“Truthfully, that’s not me in the music video. It’s only my face when I turn around.” (G-Dragon laughs.  “My body isn’t like that.”

Source: Big Bang Updates

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