G-Dragon participates actively in the filming of ‘Infinity Challenge’


gd_infinitechallenge1On the 29th, MBC will air the long awaited ‘Infinity Challenge‘ special with G-Dragon.

As reported earlier, G-Dragon will play the part of a rookie recruit at the ‘Infinity Company‘. G-Dragon also recently tweeted a prop item from the episode, heightening fans’ anticipation on the episode.

‘Infinity Company‘ has appeared many times before in ‘Infinity Challenge’, and is well-loved by viewers because they can easily relate to the various characters. On this episode, the members will take on two roles per person and play rookie recruits and act out an extraordinary interview scenario.

G-Dragon will have his own episodes showcasing his first attempts at working at a company. One of the scenes include him taking advice from the self-proclaimed fashion king Chief Jung Hyung Don and changing into a comical outfit.

G-Dragon prepared the clothes and prop that suited the concept himself, and actively participated in the filming. He was able to have a fun time while filming because he was already close to the other ‘Infinity Challenge’ members.

Source: Big Bang Updates

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