Super Junior’s Leeteuk Apologizes to Figure Skater Kim Yuna Again for Past Scandal

By: halves in unison SBS’s variety talk show “Strong Heart” aired the “Goodbye Leeteuk” special on November 6. The show went on a little trip down memory lane and brought up his scandal with Kim Yuna, which was a very hot topic back in 2007. Leeteuk took the opportunity to talk about what really happened- an opportunity he didn’t have before. “To be honest, what I said to figure skater Kim Yuna out of manners was turned into something totally different.” He []

K.Will thinks he may die on stage?

By: jennywill On the 27th, K.Will was a guest on ‘Yoo Hee Yeol’s Sketchbook‘. On the show, he confessed, “It’s so hard to do the high notes. It’s hard for me to sing my own songs.” He joked, “Rookies say that they want to end their life on stage, but I don’t think that’s very hard to do” and caused the audience to laugh. K.Will’s newest song “Please Don’t” as well as all of his past song include high notes that are []

G-Dragon wants to launch his own fashion brand in the future

By: YGFAN25 G-Dragon confessed that he wanted to launch his own fashion brand. G-Dragon had recently collaborated with the accessory brand AMBUSH for AMBUSH x G-DRAGON and in his interview with GQ he stated, “It looked cool for a musician to have his own brand. I want to also have my own fashion line in the future, so I asked Verbal a lot of questions pertaining to that.” AMBUSH was created by m-flo rapper Verbal and his wife Yoon. Verbal revealed that []

B.A.P releases new jacket cover photos for “Stop It”

By: someday1214 B.A.P recently revealed their mini-album concept through their newly released jacket photos on October 23rd. Last week, the group revealed their “hidden concept” teaser images with the faces of each member covered, leaving fans curious. The boys are returning with their blond hairstyles from their ‘Warrior‘ promotions, as well as black denim looks styled with gold chains. Each of the members had two images that overlapped for their new jacket photos. Leader Bang Yong Guk stands out with two sides []

Block B to discuss the Thailand interview incident on ‘Beatles Code 2′

By: LeeEunDuk Male idol group Block B recently talked about the Thailand interview incident and resulting controversy. On the recent recording of ‘Beatles Code 2‘, Block B stated “The incident that happened eight months ago during the Thailand interview was out of line and it was wrong.” MC Tak Jae Hoon commented, “It was during the peak of your promotion when this incident broke out“. To this, Block B’s leader Zico replied, “This may sound like an excuse but, the night prior []

Rookie group EXCITE releases debut single ‘Try Again’

By: neefa EXCITE, another new rookie group hoping to leave their mark on the industry, has just released their three-track debut single, ‘Try Again‘. The group had previously released two music videos for their title track “Try Again” which the group has already been promoting on music programs. Now EXCITE has released the other two tracks on their single, a short Intro track and “Let us just…“. EXCITE is Penta Entertainment‘s first male idol group, and is made up of members Seunguk, []

Psy’s “Gangnam Style” reaches half a billion views on YouTube + biggest selling single for one week in Australia’s history

By: jennywill Psy‘s “Gangnam Style” has surpassed 500,000,000 views on YouTube! Just 11 days ago, the singer had recorded over a million subscribers on YouTube and boasted of 400,000,000 views on “Gangnam Style”. The video amassed an additional 100 million views in just over a week and a half, pushing Psy up to #4 for the most viewed video of all time. The singer tweeted in celebration to let his fans know the feat, writing. At this rate, he’ll take over the []

U-Kiss AJ Chooses Son Yeon As His Ideal Woman

By: Brain Sin U-KISS‘s AJ recently revealed that his ideal woman is none other than athlete Son Yeon Jae. AJ revealed his ideal type to Sports Chosun. He said, “My ideal woman is athlete Son Yeon Jae. She is so dedicated to her work and spreading awareness of Korea which is amazing especially since she’s so young. To be honest, I’m also charmed by her innocence.” AJ continued, “We (U-KISS) would like to hold a solo concert in Korea, like the one []

YG Life Update: "Don’t Hate Me" SEUNGRI → TABLO (121016) [PHOTO]

By: YGFAN25 After Psy and Big Bang Seungri’s mysterious photos, YG-Life has shared a photo of Epik High‘s Tablo holding up the same “Don’t Hate Me” sign. The “Don’t Hate Me” photos, which started with Psy on the 14th, have been sparking the curiosity of many. Fans are speculating that this may be a teaser for a release by a YG Entertainment artist or a promotion for a campaign. The agency commented, “Although we can’t reveal… what ‘Don’t Hate Me’ is referring []

‘Family photos’ of SM Entertainment, YG Entertainment and JYP Entertainment gather attention

By: YGFAN25 Recently, a fan uploaded three photos of the ’3 Big’ entertainment companies online. The three ‘family’ photos gained a lot of attention because each company seemed to showcase their own styles just through the photos alone. The SM Entertainment family photo was toned overly in the color pink, with the members dressed in black and white with hints of blue and pink. They had the largest family out of the big three companies, showcasing groups with a large number of []