Capcom: Resident Evil can’t please everyone

By: Eddie Makuch


The tension that has arisen between Capcom and fans concerning the future of the Resident Evil series is similar to that of two parents struggling to raise their child. That’s according to Resident Evil 6 producer Hiroyuki Kobayashi, who reflected recently on the friction between developers and fans in a new PlayStation Blog interview.

“The way I always think of it is that if Resident Evil represents a child, then the fans and us as creators are the two parents. The resulting games are like the children that are born between both of us,” Kobayashi said. “And just like real parents, you’re not always going to agree on what is best for raising that child.”

Kobayashi added that Capcom always attempts to take fan feedback into account when deciding how to advance the series. But ultimately, developers must think on their own, or progress will come to a halt, he said.

“It’s our job to create a new gaming experience and to offer them something that’s fresh and challenging. We want to make sure that what we do pleases them, but the initial reaction might not always be positive,” he said. “We do listen to the fans, but we can’t be beholden to them at every turn or I don’t think we’ll ever make progress in terms of the series’ development.”

Resident Evil 6 shipped on Tuesday to reviews that ranged from positive to cold. GameSpot’s critique of the game praised its voice acting and narrative structure, but lamented the title’s ubiquitous and lengthy quick-time events, as well as its unimpressive set pieces.

Capcom expects to Resident Evil 6 to sell 7 million copies, becoming the publisher’s best-selling title in its history.

Source: GameSpot

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