Hotel Transylvania

HotelTransylvaniaWhat a great movie!  I know, by now you all are all going to be on about Frakenweenie, but this movie was also pretty darn good.  It had such a sad undertone to back up the ending of the story.  I mean they’re vampires and yet the mom is dead.  It was just so bitter-sweet.  Of course, this movie does have that ever cliché forbidden love aspect going on here.  Was it cheesy?  Well duh, but that’s were the charm was in the movie.

Like my friend said when we got out of the theater, it definitely is a kids movie, but it’s also for everyone, of all ages.  Heck, I even think of it as an adorable date night movie.  Over all this was a really adorable movie which had a lot of substance within it, especially for a kids movie.  Reminded me of Toy Story in that aspect.  Loved it so much.  Decent movie, loved the comedy and childish moments that had me giggling like a dork, not gonna lie. I don’t want to give out any spoilers here, but I loved this movie so much.  4/4 ★‘s and an “A+”.

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