Sophisticated and Bubbly Perfectly Woven Together | Review of ‘Hotel Transylvania 2’

A sophisticated and warm hearted sequel, Hotel Transylvania 2 gives viewers laughs wrapped up neatly in this horror-tastic film that is perfect for the whole family.

The Postpartum Effects of “Adam’s” Birth – An Essay

Mary Shelly’s Frankenstein has amazed audiences all around the world and has tingled the thoughts and minds of readers everywhere. There is so much to be said that will keep the novel alive for public consumption and thought. But one of the more riveting aspects of the novel is Victor’s clear and initial rejection of his creation, his son, from the beginning and the effects of the “birth” that follows[…]

Week 44 2013 | Part 3 | Comic Reviews

By: Cynthia A. Aquaman #24 Death of a King: Chapter Six: Secret of the Seven Seas Well that was certainly intense.  King Arthur has finally discovered the truth of his ancestry, the truth behind the fact that his ancestors were scared, frightened of the mixing of their blood with that of outsiders and thus killed the family King Atlan, the true king of Atlan who was a great man.  It was a sad story that holds the lesson that monsters create monsters.  []

Week 44 2012

Aquaman #13 The Others: Finale This is a great comic. Was it a little cheesy, well yeah, but it was cheesy in a good way. We got to see that they, the Others finally see that Aquaman did in fact change and for the better, they finally got to see that. That bothered me that they could be so blind about him, thinking he was just as bad as he was before, bent only on revenge. Other than that I loved this []

Sunday Night TV (28 Oct 2012)

OMG!!! That episode made me want to cry.  Her love came back, and she had to kill him this time!! Like oh my god.  Finally seeing Regina’s transformation to the Evil Queen as so heartbreakingly sad.  I almost cried.  This development of her character and the transformation was just so amazingly detailed and intense, to see all the roles that took part in her transformation was just great.  I loved it so much.   I mean I just loved it so much.  The []


This was such a great movie!  The sweetness and nostalgia in this movie was amazing.  Not sure if this movie is really for kids but oh well, I loved it.  I mean I loved it.  The fact that it was in black and white was awesome, it gave it such a nostalgic feeling, I mean the godzilla reference was awesome!  I loved this movie so much.  It was sweet, sad and adorable.  I loved everything about this movie.  The characterization, the animation []

Hotel Transylvania

What a great movie!  I know, by now you all are all going to be on about Frakenweenie, but this movie was also pretty darn good.  It had such a sad undertone to back up the ending of the story.  I mean they’re vampires and yet the mom is dead.  It was just so bitter-sweet.  Of course, this movie does have that ever cliché forbidden love aspect going on here.  Was it cheesy?  Well duh, but that’s were the charm was in []

The New Comic Book Rooster Pt. 7

DC Embraces Its Dark Side DC Comics embraces its dark side. On the 40th anniversary of the character’s creation, the New York Times bestselling writer of AMERICAN VAMPIRE, Scott Snyder, teams up with Yannick Paquette (BATMAN, INCORPORATED) to bring horror back to the DC Universe in SWAMP THING #1. For years, one man served against his will as the avatar of nature. And while he may have been freed of the monster, he’s about to learn the monster will never truly let []