Dishonored adding challenge map DLC

By: Eddie Makuch

Gamers who have finished Dishonored have more content to look forward to. The first of three planned downloadable content expansions for Dishonored will launch in December, Bethesda announced today. The first batch of content is titled Dunwall City Trials, and includes 10 challenge maps for $5.

The new challenge maps will test players’ combat, stealth, and mobility skills, Bethesda said. The content also includes new achievements and trophies to unlock, as well as an online leaderboard for players to track their progress against others.

The second and third expansions for Dishonored will launch in 2013 and will be story-focused. Bethesda said the second expansion will focus on Daud, the leader of a legion of supernatural assassins known as The Whalers. This content will arrive during spring 2013. No information was shared regarding Dishonored’s third expansion.

Pricing information regarding these add-ons will be announced closer to their release.

Source: GameSpot

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