Square Enix Signs Deal For Unreal Engine 4

By: Alex

The Final Fantasy series has always been known for its excellent graphics, especially in pre-rendered cutscenes. Over the last few years, that has been achieved with Square Enix’s Crystal Tools. But recently, Square Enix has decided to sign up for a multi-title deal with Epic Games for the latest version of their globally popular graphics engine Unreal Engine 4.

The Unreal Engine has been used in many AAA titles in the game industry and the recent deal for the engine’s fourth iteration makes Square Enix the first outside company to have been given access to the software.

Taka Kawasaki, Territory Manager for Epic Games Japan said:
“Epic has a strong relationship with Square Enix, and it’s an honor to provide creative and technical talent with the best game technology available for licensing. We look forward to support their developers with world-class technology for years to come.”

Hopefully this deal will help save money and time for future projects that were previously taken up with development of Crystal Tools.

Source: Venture Beat & Final Fantasy Union


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