Seven Psycopaths


Now…oh my god! This was an amazing movie. It was funny, tender and just plain awesome. I mean I don’t know what to say because this movie has left me speechless. It was just too great. I mean the plot twist of Colin Farrell’s friend, Sam Rockwell, being both psychopaths 1 & 7 was amazing! I mean I did not see that coming! It blew me away. If you haven’t seen the movie, I’m sorry, but I did warn you there this would contain spoilers. I mean the air about this movie is light and happy but then it takes a dark turn and for the most ridiculous reason. I mean Woody Harrelson is a complete psychopath. I mean he was just incredibly scary sometimes and then other times I just could not take him seriously. He was just amazing. And Christopher Walken, need I say more? He’s always amazing in everything that he does. The writers were able to eave drama, comedy and a gunfight into this movie perfectly. It was brilliant. The movie within a movie was also incredibly done, if not a bit ridiculous itself. Over all, I loved this movie and I thought that it was amazingly done. It was more bloody and dramatic than I thought that it would be, but overall, that didn’t matter because the story, the acting, the writing were all freakishly amazing. If I could, I would see this movie over and over again. 4/4 ’s and an “A+”.

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