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A kiss A touch A love A life Holding me Whispering into my hair Telling me you love me Do you? I can’t grasp it The tangiability Of your emotions I can’t grasp I want to Want to hold you tight Have you hold me Move your hands up my back Tell me you love me Truths Love Romance Lies Façade An arced back A hot room Your touch on my skin Your lips on my neck My hands on your neck []

Week 51 2012 Pt. 1 (…Miss me?)

Batwoman #15 Mitera 16 issues, I think it’s time for this story line to end already. Don’t get me wrong, I like the direction that this story has taken over all, but it dragging to a point to annoyance and driving me to boredom. I’m honestly thinking of dropping this comic. Now, I love Batwoman but I was incredibly thankful that this issue did not revolve around her; it made the story less redundant however, it was redundant. In any case, the []

The Waves

Mesmerizing, a simply wonderful novel to read.  I loved the poetic structure of the book.  It was such a great experimental novel.  All the dialogue and the structure of the book followed such a poetic style.  It was broken up into parts that were highlighted by the times of day to show a certain time in the lives of the characters. The time of day was central to the time and movement of the story and the colors, the projection of colors []

Portrait of an Artist as a Young Man

I am trying to remember why I hated reading this book in high school because I had to re-read it again for my British Lit class at college and go figure, I didn’t hate it.  I mean I didn’t love the book, but it was done very well, I mean it was great.  It shows a passage of time between characters as well as what the main character is going through in life.  It is a representational art form of James Joyce []

Big Bang’s T.O.P Voted as The Best Protective Idol Member

By: VIP4DAESUNG According to surveyors, no idol makes them feel as safe as Big Bang’s T.O.P. The movie production company Double Enjoy Pictures recently held a survey through Nate from October 12 through November 7. In it, the poll asked netizens to vote on which idol member they felt would best protect them if they were one’s neighbor. Nabbing a whopping 62 percent of the votes, T.O.P came out as the man on top as he took first place. Following behind in a []

Big Bang’s T.O.P to Resume Filming for “Alumni” Next Week

By: vip4daesung Last September, it was reported that Big Bang T.O.P’s new movie, “Alumni,” had indefinitely suspended all filming due to the main director’s sudden departure from the production crew. It looks like filming has fully resumed lately, after the movie found a replacement director. On November 8, local media OhMyStar reported that the filming has been going well after Park Heung Soo took over the lead director role. Park Heung Soo was the assistant director for blockbuster movies such as “The []

Seven Psycopaths

Spoiler Alert! DO NOT READ THIS IF YOU HAVEN’T SEEN THE MOVIE! Now…oh my god! This was an amazing movie. It was funny, tender and just plain awesome. I mean I don’t know what to say because this movie has left me speechless. It was just too great. I mean the plot twist of Colin Farrell’s friend, Sam Rockwell, being both psychopaths 1 & 7 was amazing! I mean I did not see that coming! It blew me away. If you haven’t []

Big Bang’s T.O.P given a bra at ‘Alive GALAXY Tour 2012′ concert?

By: elliefilet Footage of Big Bang‘s T.O.P getting caught off-guard by a fan’s “special gift” at a ‘Alive GALAXY Tour 2012‘ concert has been causing talk online. The video, which was shot on the 24th in the Philippines, shows T.O.P dancing to the beat on stage and getting close to the crowd to greet his fans. One fan threw out what T.O.P seemed to have assumed was a normal gift of the non-underwear variety. T.O.P seemed taken aback by the situation, but []


Another hard book to critique.  This book is about the concept of Utopia, the idea of a coexisting uniform.  Just think 1984.  There are so many extreme ideas in this book, but for the most part in this society, they seem to work.  A lot of them are very extreme and I think, believe rather, is that Sir Thomas More was mocking his society.  Think of it, during his time there were so many wars, kingss fighting to perfect their nation and []

Week 41 2012 Pt. 2

Superboy #13 Law & Disorder I really want a change in the artwork here, I mean really, please, can we have a change in the artwork. That is the only real problem that I am having with this comic as of this moment. Otherwise, I love it. I mean it’s a good comic, I wouldn’t say great but the writer does built a lot of characterization in this comic and there is a lot to say about it. The writing has just []