Operation Suzaku aims to bring Final Fantasy Type-0 westward

By: Erren Van Duine


One year ago, Final Fantasy Type-0 saw its release in Japan; one year later, it still sees very little chance of leaving it.

And Square Enix has done very little to ease the minds of fans who continue to wait for the title. To date, the company has failed to communicate about any potential western localization – something that hasn’t been helped by the PSP’s demise outside of Japan either.

The fact is, even during development, Square Enix never made mention of a western release. Fans had a glimmer of hope following the release of the game’s Ultimania in which director Hajime Tabata stated that an overseas version was in the works. Since then, all we’ve had to entertain the idea has come from endless rumors and speculation. So where is Final Fantasy Type-0 now?

The latest comment on Final Fantasy Type-0 comes from 1Up’s Jeremy Parish, in which he wrote that “no less than four people I talked to at TGS made it very clear that the English version of Type-0 is moribund, at least in its current form.” Moribund – if you didn’t know – essentially means the game is on its death bed. Certainly not good news for anyone expecting any sort of western localization.

With Square Enix silent on the issue, is there perhaps something blocking Type-0′s overseas release? Is the game being moved to PlayStation Vita or some other platform? Unfortunately, it’s anyone’s guess.

The future of Final Fantasy Type-0 outside of Japan certainly seems bleak. Some vague hope, however, may lie within recent words shared by director Hajime Tabata. As Type-0 was the recipient of Sony’s PlayStation Award for excellent sales, he did express interest in developing for Sony’s new handheld platform. It’s nice that he said that, but of course it doesn’t mean anything in the long run.

Meanwhile, Japan will be seeing a budget release of Final Fantasy Type-0 on December 6th. It should be worth noting that PSP titles are in fact region free, so anyone could technically import or purchase the digital version via PS Vita. Of course, that doesn’t exactly solve the original issue at hand.

Enter Operation Suzaku.

The one year anniversary of Final Fantasy Type-0 has brought with it a new fan movement. The goal of this initiative is to change Square Enix’s position on bringing the title to the west. But it’s much more than that.

Operation Suzaku is not just a petition. The group behind it plans on even more action, with details to be shared at a later date. More importantly, their focus is only on Final Fantasy Type-0 – to keep the message clear and concise. You can visit their main page here for more information, or simply head on over to theirsignature page to sign the petition.

I know there are skeptics out there, but as Operation Suzaku says, “Let’s stand up together; let’s show Square Enix that we want Final Fantasy Type-0 to come to the west.” Maybe we’ll eventually get some answers.

Want to spread the news even further? Let Square Enix know loud and clear:

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Square Enix North America
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